why we give

we give because God first gave Himself for us.

Scripture is clear that God gave Himself both for us and to us that we might enjoy fullness of relationship with Him.  He gave of Himself to redeem us, He gave of Himself to regenerate us, and He gave of Himself to indwell us.  God is the ultimate giver, He has modeled generosity for us on the most fundamental level.  We give not out of compulsion but rather in grateful response to what we first received.

we give because we are on a shared mission.

When we give, we give toward a shared vision and mission.  We don't want to see our church get big, we want to see God's Kingdom advance here in Utah County and to the ends of the earth!  We give together toward that vision, toward that mission.  When we give, we partner with God in what He is already doing.

transparency & accountability.

As representatives of Jesus our King we desire to steward well the financial resources that have been given to our care at Grace.  Our elder team oversees the financial decisions of the church in accordance with our annual budget.  Monthly financial statements are available upon request to all covenant members of our church community.  We are happy to answer any questions that come up!  Our elder team and treasurers are accountable to the members of our church, to leaders we have relationship with through Advance and most of all we are accountable before God for the stewardship of the resources He has given to our care.