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Doctrinal Conflict and how to Resolve it

In a vital discussion of the doctrine of salvation - the conclusion of which is that God is the one who saves, not our actions and not our ethnicity - we learn how to properly address doctrinal conflict.


  1. Know what hills to die on.
  2. Seek to understand the actual position of those we disagree with.
  3. Seek to understand the difference between absolutes, convictions, opinions, and questions.
  4. Know that experience points to theological reality.
  5. Experience is only helpful as long as it is tied to a Scriptural foundation.
Identity Matters!

Paul and Barnabas show us three ways their identity in Christ impacts how they follow and serve Him:

  1. In the wake of positive reception, they continue making disciples.
  2. In the wake of resistance, they maintain the integrity of the Gospel message.
  3. In the wake of rejection, they continue faithfully spreading the message of the Gospel.