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We learn how leadership is formed and forged by the grace of God as we look at some of the responsibilities and blessings that go along with a calling to Biblical leadership - both for those who are leading and for those who are being led.

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We examine three things that are true about our community because of the grace of God:

  1. We are a compassionate community

  2. We are a counter-cultural community

  3. We are a compelling community

Jesus lived examples of all these qualities. We need to believe what He has declared about our community and follow His example.

The Call of the Kingdom

We look at how the Great Commission is carefully planned - not a last-minute, thrown-together effort.

It is a declaration of a conquering king, a proclamation of royal law, and subjection through relationship.

We live the Great Commission by loving Jesus, living His law, and telling others to do likewise until his return - remembering that we are not alone.