Grace is not a democracy but rather is led by men who have been recognized with the gift and call for leadership and have been appointed to fulfill that purpose.  Scripture describes elders as those who oversee and shepherd the local church, caring for the spiritual sustenance and protection of the believers entrusted to their care.

Elders oversee every aspect of church life and government, the Elder Team is mutually accountable to one another and are led by a visionary, lead elder.


Deacons are servant-hearted individuals who have been identified and called by the Elder Team to come alongside them and serve as leaders within the church body.  Deacons are men and women who have been empowered under the oversight of the Elder Team to essentially continue being who they already are within the context of the church: people who love, serve and lead their fellow believers for the sake of the Gospel.  

As Acts 6 explains, deacons take on a role that releases elders to prayer and the ministry of the Word.


The Elder Team operates within the context of unity amidst diversity.  While the team is led by a visionary elder, it is a team of equals, each elder holding the same level of calling and authority.  The team is to be the unifying power of God on display as they navigate issues of doctrine, vision, and discipline.  

As a church we actively seek accountability from churches we have partnered with through the Advance Church Planting Network www.advancemovement.com

Advance is a global family of churches who have partnered together for the purpose of advancing the Gospel through planting and strengthening churches.  The movement is connected by genuine relationship, shared values and mission, and recognized leadership.